Thursday, May 9, 2013

American Illustration Winners - AI32

I'm pleased to report that the two pieces seen below have been chosen for inclusion in this year's American Illustration 32, (AI32). They are two of 401 professional and 145 student entries chosen for inclusion out of 8,742 submissions total.

"Big Tom  Cowboy" 2012 - Recycled Mixed Media Collage - Paper, Cardboard, Ink, Paint, Glitter, Tape & Glue
"Drillboy Cowboy" 2012 - Recycled Mixed Media Collage - Paper, Cardboard, Ink, Paint, Glitter, Tape & Glue

Friday, April 12, 2013

Working on Kiel Johnson's "Paper Metropolis".

Hung with Artist Kiel Johnson today at the Heritage Museum in Sandwich, MA. He's working on a public installation a few miles from my studio here on Cape Cod. My hand built contribution to "Paper Metropolis:",  is the mini CBK Brand Sponsored Community Skate Park.

The FB post from Kiel:

Here's some pics from today.


where he's @:

his website:

and TEDActive:

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Non Digital vs. Digital vs. an Original

A comparison between a piece done traditionally, vs a piece done in Corel Painter 12.

It's like one of those can you find all the differences activity puzzles they give kids. Hahaa

The non digital piece is made of collaged recycled paper and cardboard, paint, ink, pen and tape, it's 4' x3'. It has also been chosen by American Illustration - AI32 - 2013.

The one done digitally is my interpretation of the major arcana tarot card "The Fool". The classic version of the card is also below. In my iteration I swap yellow for pink, a pattern of digital blocks stands in for the sun, and I ditch the staff and bandana luggage in favor of a blingy nautical anchor and a fancy tooled leather saddle bag. The satchel contains all of the the Fool's worldly belongings. The warnings of the impending danger ahead are given by a faithful bunny companion rather than a pup. And the solid bar of red at the bottom suggests the the precipice in the Fool's walking path. In some depictions of the Fool he has been shown to be a man of the woods, or wildman, with an unruly beard and feathers in his hair. A masked Monster Cowboy is my reinterpretation of the wildman version.   

I did the tarot card version for the AIB Illustration Club's Tarot Card Project.

Saturday, December 22, 2012